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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Free Maid of Honor Speech

Free Maid of Honor Speech

As the Maid of Honor at this joyous occasion, it's a privilege for me and my pleasure to say a some words about the bride.

Alissa finally found the man of her dream after proving her worth as a single mother. But this was no overnight love story. I met Alissa in June in the year of 1991. Seems like ages ago. As we worked together we grew to become best friends.

At the time her son John was three years old and a very cute boy. Now that he is a young man with great looks its amazing to see how time passes.
Alissa has a heart of gold inside -- and all of you here who know her will vouch for that. Alissa comes from a very close family background and has raised John with similar family values. She is an amazing source of comfort and strength for her family and her friends. Alissa was the youngest in the family was received a lot of love and affection as she grew up.

Alissa has been a great source of love for everyone around her. As her maid of honor at this wedding, I'm here to tell you that her tough love and advice has helped me many times.

Our bride Alissa here has met challenges of life with great patience and confidence. She has also been able to enstill the same values in her son John.

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