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Friday, June 16, 2006

Maid of Honor Toast

Here are some tips for the maid of honor to make a great toast:

At a wedding, maid of honor is looked up on to say some memorable words to mark the occasion. It is natural for you to feel nervous or feel the pressure. But with the tips below you will gain that confidence to say just the right things and deliver them well.

  • Writing Tips
Have some general talking points ready:

How did the couple meet each other. Is there an interesting story about it that you can tell.

How would you best describe the groom? How would you best describe the bride. What makes them unique, special.

How did their relationship evolve and grow that they decided to commit.

Make some positive comments on their relationship and how they do as a couple.

Share some short stories about times that you have spent with bride and/or the groom.

  • Don't keep putting it off:
You should have the toast ready about 15 days before the wedding date. You can look at it as writting an essay for your school projects. So just as you would have someone proof read your essay, you should do the same with your toast. Preparing for it beforehand will save any embarrasing moments later on.

  • Have the right attitude:
All things have to do with a wedding have to be taken seriously to keep the guests and the newlywed couple enjoy the grace of the wedding.

  • Be Thorough
To make sure you get the toast correct its good to be thorough. Mention that this wedding is a very special occasion for all the guests that are a part of it and specifically for the new couple.

Do not forget to mention how you know the bride and why you are grateful and honored that she has chosen you to be the maid of honor and share in their joy.

Tell some small personal stories about the bride and the groom, what makes them special, what makes them right for each other, and why they have your blessings and best wishes to continue.

End with a toast, wishing the couple best of luck.

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