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Monday, April 07, 2008

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Maid of Honor Duty

When a bride picks the maid of honor she has many expectations of her at the wedding. It is truly an honor for any women to have this priviledge. The main reason for this role is to provide a support system for the bride and help in the wedding coordination.

As you know weddings require a lot of preparations to get everything just right. To avoid any last minute surprises you will need to help the bride long before the wedding date. As the maid of honor your duties may range from picking the best dresses for the bridesmaids, to keeping the bride calm and cheerful if she gets anxious.

  • Be in charge
Be the source of information and guidance to all guests and act as a leader for bridesmaids. Introduce yourself to all the guests and let them know to contact you if they have any questions. This will be specially useful to the bride because now the guests can come to you about minor details or questions instead of having to ask the bride directly.

It will also help to know about nearby accomodations in case there will be a lot of out of town guests coming to the wedding. As the maid of honor you taking on these tasks will free up the bride to enjoy her special day without distractions.

  • Prepare the bridesmaids
If there are any wedding practices planned you should be in charge of organising them and catering to any minor details. It is also important to involve all the bridesmaid in these practices and get them up to speed on any preparations. The goal is to handle the small details carefully so the bride and the guests can enjoy the wedding and so can you.

Maid of Honor Dress

Every bride wants her maid of honor to look and feel graceful. Something that accents the maid of honor 's dress with personal styles and body shapes. There are such great collections of affordable and graceful maid of honor dresses that finding the right dress should be a lot of fun instead of a chore. Here is a site dedicated to bridesmaid dresses and advice.

Maid of honors are picked for their stability and support skills. Your dress should display the confidence and should show that you are ready to take on that responsibility.

Best selections of maid of honor dresses are available at:
  • David's Bridal
  • Nordstroms
  • Fredricks
  • Eden Bridals

Bridal Shower Gift from Maid of Honor

Bridal showers are arranged to celebrate a woman's transition into home family life. The purpose of bridal shower gifts is to prepare the bride with accessories that will create a great home life.

If you choose a fun and unique bridal shower gift it will be appreciated before, during and after the wedding. As the maid of honor it is always good to get creative when buying a gift and consider wheather the bride is planning on a modern lifestyle or traditional stay at home mom style.

Since it takes a lot of time and effort to get all the things you need for a new house, it is best to consider gifts that would provide daily home accessories. As a maid of honor if you are looking for a good gift and money is an issue, you can take a plain board and have all the guests write some comments about the bride and the new couple and give that as a gift.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Maid of Honor Toast

Here are some tips for the maid of honor to make a great toast:

At a wedding, maid of honor is looked up on to say some memorable words to mark the occasion. It is natural for you to feel nervous or feel the pressure. But with the tips below you will gain that confidence to say just the right things and deliver them well.

  • Writing Tips
Have some general talking points ready:

How did the couple meet each other. Is there an interesting story about it that you can tell.

How would you best describe the groom? How would you best describe the bride. What makes them unique, special.

How did their relationship evolve and grow that they decided to commit.

Make some positive comments on their relationship and how they do as a couple.

Share some short stories about times that you have spent with bride and/or the groom.

  • Don't keep putting it off:
You should have the toast ready about 15 days before the wedding date. You can look at it as writting an essay for your school projects. So just as you would have someone proof read your essay, you should do the same with your toast. Preparing for it beforehand will save any embarrasing moments later on.

  • Have the right attitude:
All things have to do with a wedding have to be taken seriously to keep the guests and the newlywed couple enjoy the grace of the wedding.

  • Be Thorough
To make sure you get the toast correct its good to be thorough. Mention that this wedding is a very special occasion for all the guests that are a part of it and specifically for the new couple.

Do not forget to mention how you know the bride and why you are grateful and honored that she has chosen you to be the maid of honor and share in their joy.

Tell some small personal stories about the bride and the groom, what makes them special, what makes them right for each other, and why they have your blessings and best wishes to continue.

End with a toast, wishing the couple best of luck.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Free Maid of Honor Speech

Free Maid of Honor Speech

As the Maid of Honor at this joyous occasion, it's a privilege for me and my pleasure to say a some words about the bride.

Alissa finally found the man of her dream after proving her worth as a single mother. But this was no overnight love story. I met Alissa in June in the year of 1991. Seems like ages ago. As we worked together we grew to become best friends.

At the time her son John was three years old and a very cute boy. Now that he is a young man with great looks its amazing to see how time passes.
Alissa has a heart of gold inside -- and all of you here who know her will vouch for that. Alissa comes from a very close family background and has raised John with similar family values. She is an amazing source of comfort and strength for her family and her friends. Alissa was the youngest in the family was received a lot of love and affection as she grew up.

Alissa has been a great source of love for everyone around her. As her maid of honor at this wedding, I'm here to tell you that her tough love and advice has helped me many times.

Our bride Alissa here has met challenges of life with great patience and confidence. She has also been able to enstill the same values in her son John.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Maid of Honor Speech

Wedding speeches are a very interesting concept. The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of a newly married couple. In the event of a proper wedding ceremony, there are many people involved - parents, maid of honor, the best man, bridesmaids, relatives, and guests.

The wedding day allows the opportunity for all the people mentioned above to express their love and emotions towards the new couple in a form of a speech. Among them, maid of honor speech and the best man speech are the highlights of the wedding ceremony.

Maid of honor can be very creative with her speech and use several themes. Humor is usually the main theme of such speeches, outlining certain memorable moments the bride and the maid of honor has shared in addition to her thoughts on the groom.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Maid of Honor

In the United States, and Western culture in general, there may be several bridesmaids for a bride, but the title of Maid of Honor is held is held by the bride's chief attendant, typically her sister or closest friend. The maid of honor at a wedding can be regarded as the guide for the bride, or bride's friend.

Maid of honor is at many times responsible for arranging the bride's dress and other preparations for the main wedding ceremony. In addition to that the maid is also incharge of carrying the groom's wedding ring to give to the bride during the ceremony, and other such customs.

Therefore, a speech given by the maid of honor usually have advice, wisdom and words of affection for the new couple that is getting married. Traditionally, this speech is given during the first half of the wedding.

Alternatively, this honor can be bestowed upon a man and would be refered to as "man of honor" or (in United Kingdom) "bridesman." The groom's equivalent is the "best man speech". A gender neutral phrase is "honor attendant".

Maid of honor and the best man are the key components of a sucessfully organized wedding. They themselves, take part in most of the organization with great excitement and honor.